Two Green Ladies

Elegant yet Durable Plant Based Leather Handbags


Two Green Ladies because every person who wants a luxury vegan leather handbag deserves to own one that is tested to last a lifetime.

– Ian, President and Founder Two Green Ladies

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Proudly made in the New York City

Why do we make our handbags in the U.S?

Can you buy a vegan leather handbag that lasts?

Quality Luxury Crossbody Vegan Leather Handbag

Launching on Indiegogo crowdfunding in 2024

Buy your dream Luxury Vegan Leather Handbag

Launching on Indiegogo January 2025

Launching on Crowdfunding January 2025

Introducing a Quality Luxury vegan Luxury Crossbody Handbag that has been independently tested by a third party to ensure it is long-lasting. The handbag is entirely free of plastic, making it environmentally friendly. Our brand is committed to prioritizing the environment and ensuring the safety, well-being, and fair pay of all individuals involved in the manufacturing process. 

Our Goal

A vegan handbag lover takes on the ultimate challenge of finding an elegant yet durable handbag. Buys poorly faces peeling and wear; buys a Two Green Ladies securing a high-end, sustainable leather handbag proven through rigorous testing to last a lifetime. It looks, feels, and develops a patina.