I am Ian, the founder of Two Green Ladies. I am also a husband and a father. Have you ever bought a handbag for the price of a car? My wife had a passion for handbags, and I remember that Summer’s day in Paris in 2012 when we were staying at the Hotel Plaza Athenee. I loved the flowers flowing down the outside of the building. We were just down the street, my wife saw a little bag shop, and she flew in. How was I to know that it was the shop of the world's best handbags? Not that everyone agrees, but many people do. So rare was the brand you could not even get a knock-off in those days.

I have two smart kids. Both have been vegan at different times. The oldest will be vegan for life. One is a doctor, and the other is a lawyer. The oldest one has, for most of her life, kept a list on her phone of things that need to be done in the world, just in case she meets somebody and they are looking for a new career challenge. The first thing on that list is the need to create a quality luxury plant based leather handbag.

In 2019, I lost my job. I have worked as a consultant all my life. Money was not the major challenge. I missed having something to do. I remember that opportunity my child had for quality luxury plant based leather bags. I thought that was a while ago that she added the opportunity to her list. It won't be a problem anymore. I did some research, and to my surprise, I discovered you could still not buy a quality luxury plant base leather handbag.

The list of complaints I found is as follows.

  • I had to throw away so many of my "pleather/faux leather" items
  • because they just didn't last, they peel, rip, and fall apart.
  • Plant based leather does not have the quality of animal leather.
  • no matter how you slice it, at the end of the day, it is plastic
  • that ultimately comes from petrochemicals.
  • A lot of vegan leather bags are expensive plastic bags.

I found the challenge: -

  • a suitable substitute for leather;
  • a nonplastic handbag;
  • a plant based leather that did not rip or peel;
  • quality made, then independently tested, and
  • a bag that lasts at least 20 years.